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Horses of Fiery Colour

Nov 27 2013

are galloping like mad. Carrying you away from a cozy house, a green garden, a quiet happiness. Who could pull them up short?

Over the horses hovers the crown. Impossible to describe it better than Pavel Bazhov did: “... and this crown has tilted back just a littlest bit, as a Bashkir on a horse when he is galloping full pelt… So Ivanko reckoned and made wings for those horses: lo and behold – the drawing flowed even better into the wootz patterns. He fixed the drawing and plated it with gold, using grandfather’s secret method.”

Zlatoust Steel Engraving

Oct 29 2013

This unique method of metal treatment was developed in the 19th century, as part of the tradition of artistic decoration of cold steel arms, later used in a wide variety of arts and crafts.

In 1815, following the Emperor’s Ordinance, the arms factory was established in Zlatoust. The factory had a special purpose of manufacturing weapons for Russian Army and Navy. German master armorers from Solingen and Klingenthal were invited to work here, including a well-known master in weapon decoration, Wilhelm Schaaf with his sons; it was he who decorated the first Zlatoust blades. Soon his Zlatoust apprentices not only mastered Schaaf’s techniques of creating drawings on steel – they developed their own distinctive style of weapon decoration.

Creative team of “ KXO” Bulat LLC (translator’s note: “Collectible Cold Steel Arms” Bulat) develops, carefully preserves and enriches experience and practices of the best European and Ural artists, producing works of high artistic merit. Custom-made items can be decorated with your initials, family monograms, business logos, trademarks.

Materials used in manufacturing: high alloy stainless steel, 24 karat gold, nickel, silver, enamel. Techniques used: dry point engraving, etching, cutting, nickel plating, gold plating.